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advance width

The width of a letter including its surrounding space. The surrounding space on the left is called the left sidebearing. On the right it is called the right sidebearing.

Glyph Metrics, origin, left and right sidebearing


The part of lowercase letters (such as b, d, f and k) that ascends above the x-height of the other lowercase letters in a font.


A font's maximum distance above the baseline.


The imaginary line upon which the characters of a font rest. The baseline-to-baseline distance can be calculated as ascent - descent + linegap.

cap height

The height from the baseline to the top of the uppercase letters in a font. This may or may not be the same as the height of ascenders.

baseline descender ascender x-height cap line mean line


Part of letters (such as y, p, q) that descends below the baseline of the other letters in a font.


A font's maximum distance below the baseline. By convention the descent is negative.


A mark normally used in conjunction with another glyph. In Latin fonts these are sometimes called 'accents'. In Hebrew and Arabic these are marks that denote vowels.


A graphic symbol that provides the appearance or form for a character. A glyph can be an alphabetic or numeric font or some other symbol that pictures an encoded character.


Kerning is the reducing/ increasing of the space allocated between two glyphs to improve the visual appearance.


The internal leading is the space you have above a character to fit in accents, diacritics, etc. Internal leading is equal to usWinAscent + usWinDescent - unitsPerEm. External leading is the distance between two lines of text and is equal to MAX(0, LineGap - ((usWinAscent + usWinDescent) - (Ascender - Descender))).

left sidebearing

See sidebearings.

line gap

See leading.

right sidebearing

See sidebearings.


The distance between the origin and the left edge of a character (left sidebearing) and the distance between the width line and the right edge of a character (right sidebearing).

word space

The white space between two words placed on the same horizontal line


The flat height of the lowercase glyphs, usually the same as the top of the lowercase x.

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