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Step 3 - Prepare Import Settings
To speed up the upcoming import process we adjust the default import settings. Select Import Image from the Tools menu and on the Image page set Smooth Filter to Super. In case you don't want sharp corners to be rounded, use Smooth.

Import Image page Image    Import Image page Glyph
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On the Glyph page we adjust some more settings. Here we set Bounding to Image. Select the bottom middle radio button and enter 500 for the X position and -750 for the Y position. Next we set the Size Multiplier to a value. This value is set to 6 when the dpi value used during the scan process is 600. For a 300 dpi resolution image we set it to 12. Finally we tick the Default check box and press the Cancel button. Although the import operation is cancelled the settings are saved for future use.

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